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National Archives

National Archives Puts Popular Records Workshops Online -- On YouTube

The National Archives holds the permanently valuable records of the Federal government. These include records of interest to genealogists, such as pension files, ship passenger lists, census and Freedmen’s Bureau materials.

The National Archives-produced Know Your Records video shorts cover the creation, scope, content, and use of National Archives records for genealogical research. Available on the National Archives YouTube channel

  a.. Genealogy Introduction: Military Research at the National Archives: Volunteer Service    (8:22)  

Compiled military service records at the National Archives.

  b.. Genealogy Introduction—Military Research at the National Archives: Regular Service    (6:11)  

How to use Army and Navy registers of enlistment and rendezvous reports for research.

  c.. Genealogy Introduction—Military Research at the National Archives: Pension Records   (9:04)  

How to research military service using pension records dating from 1775 to 1916.  Samples of both Revolutionary War and Civil War pensions.

  d.. Genealogy Introduction—Immigration Records at the National Archives   (11:57 

Overview of immigration records from 1800 to 1957, including Customs Service and Immigration and Naturalization records, as well as records of ports and border crossings.

   e. Genealogy Introduction: Census Records at the National Archives   (11:57)

 Tips and strategies for researching U.S. Federal Census Records 1790 to 1930, and explains how they can be used for genealogical research.


Check out this new interactive NARA feature!
Now you can tag images and records, transcribe a historical document, contribute to articles, upload your photos, enter competitions and much more!

Check out the main page,, click on the various activity links, and spend some time helping “your” National Archives make ever more materials available to researchers!